Lady holding Purses

My wife and I have recently started to shop for groceries at Aldi’s.  I have to admit, I have always thought of Aldi’s as the grocery store for those that are struggling to make ends meet.  However, after my wife’s latest grocery run, she made an observation that shocked us both.

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Blonde holding glasses cropHave you ever started to get serious about paying off your debt and then quit?  Frustrating isn’t it?

Whenever I interview people why that is, I typically hear things like, “I ran out of gas” or, “I feel like I am getting no traction.”  Sometimes life has hit you with a few unexpected curve balls like car repairs, medical expenses or even loss of income.  Does this sound like you?  If it does, you may need a good swift kick in the pants to get back in the game.   Here are three ideas that I believe will motivate you to restart your debt free plan.

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Why saving now will help you reduce stress and spend less.

back to school

After reading this title you may have just double checked your calendar because why would I write about back to school shopping in June?  As we all know waiting until the last minute rarely is a good move and that is no different with back-to-school shopping.  So why worry about back-to-school shopping now?

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Ryan & Ashley Houck are like most young families. They both started their married lives in debt while beginning to grow their family. After their first coaching session they began to work extra, make sacrifices and live on a plan that helped them become debt free.

Ryan & Ashley Only

“Hey why don’t we be crazy…and let’s get serious and become debt free and change our family tree”

“After we left your office we were so mad at ourselves and said this has got to change! We started getting serious – Every penny to the dollar was accounted for.”

“Getting out of debt became a family affair. There was no other way we wanted to live.”

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Engelman Family 2014

Jon & Patti were living the “American Dream”, as a married couple with four wonderful children, they owned a two story house with the white picket fence and of course… the dog.  As successful business owners they were able to create the lifestyle that most people dream of having.  On the outside everything appeared to be going picture perfect.  However, there was a season of life where there were some challenges to overcome.

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